Things to avoid while washing your windows

Window washing is an art and when it’s done well it looks great but when it’s done poorly, well it doesn’t look so good and anyone who can see your windows can tell. No body wants that, no matter if its your office or even your own house, you always want the outside to look as clean and sharp as possible. So, here’s a list to help you avoid some of those frustrating but common mistakes while washing your windows.

Give it a good clean

Firstly, don’t be shy when using window cleaner, use plenty because the cleaner is what breaks down the dirt and if not enough is used then it won’t dissolve properly and before you know it, you’ll still be left with dirty windows and nobody wants to put hours of work in for no result. Before starting be sure to clean the window stills and frames, water will drip down to the frames and if they’re dusty and dirty then it will create a muddy goop.

Be wary of the weather

Now, it might seem like instinct to clean the windows on sunny hot day but this is probably the most common mistake of them all, the hot sun dries the cleaner on to the windows before you get a chance to clean it off leaving hard to remove marks so when picking a day to clean, pick a dry and cloud day if possible and if you need to clean on a Sunny day then clean the shaded side of the house first.

Dry it out properly

Some people proclaim that a newspaper is the best way to dry windows without leaving marks, but most experts claim to never have any luck properly cleaning windows with newspaper and recommend using a microfibre cloth, these clothes are incredibly absorbent and leave your windows marks free and after finished the microfibre is an easy wash.    

It is always frustrating when you put in all the hard work to only find that you got rid of some marks and just created more so by following these steps you can eliminate that stress and have the cleanest windows in the neighbourhood.

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