How To Keep Your Yard Clean Before Winter

  1. Weeds and any debris not only make your yard appear untidy but its also a great place for pests to find cover.
  2. Be wary of any branches overlaying your yard, they are the most likely target for Winter, naturally they will drop leaves and maybe even drop off themselves, so just be careful and keep them trimmed while coming into Winter. Prune trees and trim down bushes to ensure nothing has the chance to fall across your yard.
  3. Going into Winter its good to make sure your yard has the proper sustenance to get it through the cold of Winter. Chuck down a proper lawn fertiliser to ensure your lawn stays healthy over Winter.
  4. Give it mow before Winter sets in not because its going to grow out of control but this helps the soil dry out over spring which can lead to healthy lawn.
  5. While you’re at it you may as well clean out the guttering around the house because no one wants to be doing that during the Winter, best get it done beforehand.
  6. Look after your deck, give it a solid power wash before Winter because you don’t want a build-up of mould and if you’re looking to keep out any water damage then you can add weather proofing stain to look after it.

Now these are just some basic steps to follow, for a more detailed explanation be sure to do your research. Just find the appropriate information for your situation but these basic steps should provide a nice foundation for keeping your yard clear in the Winter.

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